I may occasionally blog about it.

I was on the fence about blogging about my faith.  I am not sure what people would think.  I've always avoided it on other blogs I've done.  I was worried it might turn readers off.  I don't talk about it on Facebook or any of my social media really.  I don't want people to think that I'm just some kind of religious nut.  Or perhaps I was sucked into the "trying not to offend by shoving my religion down your throat," mentality.  Or maybe I was just worried about what you would think because I have been ridiculed by non-believers in the past.

As I get older, however; As I try to figure out why I'm still here, in light of the life I have lived and all that I have been through, I find that I simply can't deny how God has worked in my life.  He helped me to get out of an abusive situation.  He helped me through my divorce.  He helped me with problems I had with my middle child.  He most recently helped me to leave a job that is really a toxic environment and helped me to see how that was holding me back.  He helped me to realize that I wouldn't be where I am today, dealing with the shit that I'm dealing with today or rather, having the inner strength to deal with the shit I'm dealing with today and still trying to pull through.  

Nor do I care what others think about it anymore.  If you want to read it great, if not great.  But I can't even possibly begin to share my wisdom as an older man, a single dad, without talking about where it comes from.  I have experienced miracles and blessings in my life.  I have experienced inner peace that comes from knowing God, although I seem to be currently going through some pretty heavy duty redemptive suffering at the moment.  But the fact is it's a new year and he helped me to get here and is with me.  That is a huge bright spot.

So I may occasionally blog about it.  


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