My Lent Torture

For Lent this year I decided to give up eating out, or rather takeout food.  

This is an excellent choice for me, because due to my own personal laziness, I eat out way too much.  Almost every day.  Sometimes twice.  It gets expensive.  It adds up really quickly.  Plus it's not doing much for my health.

This is a different way of life for me, that is normal to most people.  It wasn't always like this, I was married once and back then we just didn't have the money to eat out all the time, plus she cooked once in a while.  If the food was there, I would eat and be fine.  Since I got divorced I have fallen into the pattern of convenience.  I got used to the quick and easy way.  

So for the last ten days, I have had to make every meal I've eaten.  Even if it's just throwing a can of soup into the microwave, it is a habit change.  It's hard.  I am also convinced that there are addictive chemicals put into takeout food because it's driving me absolutely nuts.  I feel like I'm actually having withdrawal symptoms similar to when I quit smoking 10 + years ago.  My body is going through some sort of detox.  Some sort of change.

This is a true test of my will.  I tried last year and failed after a few days.  This year my faith is stronger and think I can get through it but the temptation is strong.  When I leave work, I get into my truck and the devil whispers in my ear, "maybe you can stop and get a cheeseburger on the way home."  I entertain the idea every time.  I still drive by these places and the images play in my head of a delicious Big Mac, or a mouthwatering Baja Steak and Jack from Subway.  I can see and smell the Chicken Teriyaki from Sarku Japan.  I can't stop thinking about the Cheeseburger Basket from my local convenience store/sandwich shop.

Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?  



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