Pride and Love

I just have a simple point to make here.

Proverbs 11:2 says...

When pride comes, disgrace follows, but with humility comes wisdom.

Pride is a sin.  Not the kind of pride where you're proud of a job well done or being proud of your child for bringing home a good report card or something like that, but the kind of pride which prevents you from loving someone or something based on superficial flaws and imperfections.  

It is better to be humble, but why does this bring wisdom?  Because if you are humble, then you are free to love regardless.  That's what it means.  It means that you won't miss out on something good because of your arrogant pride.  You can do things without fear of what others think about you. You can love somebody without fear of what others think about them.  You can be happy for somebody else when something good happens to them.  You can live the good life in the light of God and man without regret.

If you are humble, then those times when your pride would take a hit would be experienced with dignity.  If you are playing a game for example, you can still enjoy it even if you are not the winner.  Being a sore loser is just a form of arrogant pride which robs you of joy.  

If you are playing sports, you can be proud of how hard you played even if your team lost.  You can love your child even if they come home and tell you that they are gay.  You can love your spouse even if they put on a little weight because you are focused on the beautiful person that he or she is, not the superficial imperfections that form as they get older.  

There are healthy forms of pride too, but that can easily turn to arrogance if we are not humble about it.  It is a sin when mixed with arrogance and is used to make others feel bad or less superior than you, or prevents you from being kind to someone.  Pride is a sin when you are not kind to others who are struggling.  


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