I am a treasure hunger.  I hit yard sales and Goodwill all the time.  This past weekend I scored a lamp from a yard sale that had ended and stuff was left on the side of the road with a big "Free" sign on it.   

It's nice and will fit very well on my desk.  It's time to replace the lamp that I have there now.  The old one is short and fat.  It works great but isn't tall enough to fit in the space.  The shade is too big and has to go over my monitor.  I have it propped up on a box, not ideal, but it works.   The new one is taller with a smaller shade; it will fit better in the space on my desk.  

Simple enough, except for the fact that my desk is a mess and I will need to spend time cleaning that off first.  I am ashamed to post a picture of it.  So that's why I haven't just done it yet.  It's not that I'm being lazy.  It has been a busy weekend.  Monday (a holiday) was mom's birthday, I got her some new (to her) furniture for her deck.   I had to haul it and set it up.  I had a couple jobs to do, and one nice long ride on my scooter when I did have a little time to myself, and the weather was super nice.  

So really, I'm not blowing it off.  It will get done.  Not everything needs to be now! Now! NOW!   

The world is too rushed and crazy and some people are lazy and procrastinate.  I live in all of those categories at times.  I procrastinate often.  Especially with laundry.  I hate laundry.

But this is a welcome change.


It is done.  


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