Be that light in the world so they can stomp you out

The visit I had from my friend was nostalgic and has motivated me to get myself back out there.  I almost forgot what it's like having people around so, I went to an old favorite place today.  It was a coffee shop in town, where I pretty much started my social life when I first moved to Portland back in the mid 90's.  I've gone there a couple times over the last couple of weeks. 

It used to be just a coffee and bagel shop, but now it's a fancy schmancy bagel and sandwich shop.  I was there for a little while.  I got a bagel and iced tea.  It was good.  After I got my order, I went outside to sit at one of the empty tables.  There was an old guy sitting at the next table eating a sandwich.  He looked up at me as I sat down, so I smiled and nodded my head at him, without saying anything, in the form of a greeting.

He says, "What do I know you?"  All arrogant like.  

It's like, sorry dude, I'm just sitting down to eat a bagel and you made eye contact with me.  I was nothing more than being friendly.  Next time look at your sandwich.  

I don't want to turn my personal life into a social experiment or anything but that's what it's starting to feel like.  


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