Distractions Suck

I just watched an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix.  It was really intense.  A guy kidnaps a young intern who works for a Social Media company.  He wanted to talk to the founder of the company.  In order to make that happen he starts a major crisis.  

It turns out that he was driving with his girlfriend a while back and got a notification on his cell phone.  He checked to see what it was, somebody liked a picture he shared, but because he was driving while distracted, he crashed right into a truck.  The other driver was drunk, so he got away with it, but his girlfriend was dead.  

He wanted the founder of the company to know the story.  Know the monster he created.  Know how it cost him.

In the real world, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tictok, Snapchat, etc. all of which offer their push notifications.  Humans have become accustomed to reacting to that ding.  They stop doing whatever it is and pull out their cell phones to see what it was.  Somebody likes your postIt seems like most of their lives are spent looking at screens.  It has become a replacement for human contact.  It's sad.  The world is so much less friendly than it was 20 years ago.

I also have too many distractions.  I guess I'm not so special after all.  I can't win.  It seems like they never end.  I start getting into it and "Ding!"  What was that?  So, I stop and look and it's usually something stupid.  Then I get sucked into social media or the daily headlines, which isn't always pleasant.  My kid comes running in, "Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!"  Then I get distracted from staring at the screen.  Of course, that is the distraction that I will miss the most when grows up, but if it isn't one thing it's another.

You probably do this too.  It sucks.  It is interfering.  You can't get anything done.  It stops your creativity in it's tracks.  It's difficult to get back into later.

So what is one to do about this?  I have decided that I need to make a little change.  I need to do something different.  I need to set up a little writing space.  Just a little desk or something.  Have my Rocketbook and a pen.  Maybe an alarm clock so I can avoid going late.  

It sounds like a plan.  Don't know how I'll get there, but I will.


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