The Best Part of American Politics

Do you know what I love most about politics?  It's always a shit show.  

That shit show is blowing up quite nicely.  The Midterm Election is coming up so everything is blowing up nicely.  The political ads will be on the TV, radio and in your mail.  Your email will be slammed with politicians asking for money to run their campaigns.  The news media will be analyzing the polls and trying to predict who will win.  Nobody will know until the voters have their say on November 8th.

The rhetoric has been heating up for a while.  It blew right up last week when the FBI raided Donald Trump's Mar-Largo home and the Democrats passed a spending bill that pumps billions into renewable energy and raises taxes on some Americans.  Of course, it started to heat up when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.  That pissed off the Feminist sector of the Democratic Party.  If it will have an effect on the current issues we face, that remains to be seen.

The Republicans are pissed off.  Trump is pissed off.   Everybody is pissed about something!  But the Democrats did get a boost in popularity following the events of the last week or so, according to some factions of the MSM (Mainstream Media).  They took a major political hit as they riled Trump's base according to other factions of the MSM.  

But do you know what the best part of all of this is?  

It's all bullshit.  That's right!  It's all a show designed to keep YOU distracted from all of the real problems that are facing us as Americans.  The problems that neither side of the isle has any clue what to do about.

So, enjoy it folks.  As of the time of this writing, you have 85 days left.  Then it all starts again when the presidential candidates start announcing their campaigns.  



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