On writing a blog like this

The book of Proverbs in the Bible is written in a genre known as Wisdom Literature.  My personal study of this particular book, although nothing formal, is what inspired me to start this blog about how to be a wise man.  I would love to grow it into something big that covers all aspects of life, but it will come along at its own pace.  I would like to produce one blog post a day for example, but in all honesty, I'm not sure that is possible.  Wisdom, you see, is not something that you can just pull out of your head at random to share with the world, especially for fools like me.  

Becoming wise is always a work in progress.  There is always more to learn.  I have to do the work myself, it's something I have to seek.  Having wisdom comes with a great responsibility.  It's up to me to incorporate it into my life.  I have to act wisely, make good and responsible decisions, with fairness and kindness.  I have to know what I'm getting myself into.  I have to avoid the situations that will get me into trouble.

It's also not something that I can talk about with very many people in my circle.  First of all, nobody wants to hear it.  It makes for awkward situations, as most of them are fools who already consider me weird, stupid or crazy.  I can accept that.  It's the price of wisdom in a world of stupid people.  It's been that way my whole life.  They can think whatever they want.  I am marching to the beat of my own drum and that's what works for me.

If you try to use your wisdom to call someone out on a bad idea, they might feel singled out or even threatened and will try to make you look like the idiot.  They are moving head long into a big mess created by their own poorly thought out choices.  You can offer your opinion sure, you can even tell them why you're not interested in getting involved, but it's ultimately up to them to live and learn.  

Wisdom is something that you gain over time through learning, experience, and the grace of God which is the source of all wisdom, and the open mind to accept his wisdom in light of your pre-conceived notions which, for most of us, have been corrupted by sin and culture.  

You see, reality has certain rules.  God created those rules.  If you follow those rules, you will do well, have a fulfilling life, lots of joy and peace, and when you die, you will go to Heaven, etc..  If you don't follow the rules, you will suffer the consequences.  You might die sooner, get yourself into trouble, etc.  It could be as simple as not dropping a rock on your foot.  If you do, it will hurt, if you don't, you'll be fine.  

So, I can't write a blog about becoming a wise man while filling it with stupid, meaningless babble.

If you are a fool, everybody will figure it out eventually.  All you have to do is be you.  Act without thinking about it just because it looks good, or the payoff is tempting.  You know, jump right in.  Take a chance.  What the hell right?


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