The tormented among us

I know people who I believe are tormented in their lives.  We all are to some extent but some just run with it.  They are angry, hurt, ashamed, spew hatred, can't figure out why their lives aren't getting better.  The person could be a mental wreck but refuses the services that could help him or her get on their feet.  The person could be an alcoholic but refusing to see that they have a problem.  The person could be going through a difficult divorce and custody battle and fall into despair, only to be enhanced by the loss of everything they loved and worked for.  It's really sad when you come across one of these people.  You want to help them but there is only one who can and that is God.  But they don't believe it.  They think that religion is a joke or if they do believe, they are angry with God for all of their problems.  

We all know someone like this.  

It's a sad scenario.  We weren't made to live like that.  Life is supposed to have it's ups and downs, that's what makes us strong and resilient, but the joyful moments should override the negative.  We should be able to believe that the bad things that happen in our lives will pass.  It's like a test and some of us are able to make it through while others fixate on it.  Some of us see the bad things as a temporary setback, while others see it as a major disruption in their lives.  All of that pain is unnecessary because we choose it.  When we choose it, it grows to the point where it affects our lives in terrible ways as well of the lives of those who we love.  It causes us to hurt others both emotionally and physically.  The person lands in despair and refuses the hand that is reaching out to help him.  Then he lashes out at everybody around him because he believes that there is no way out.

We all have our demons, I guess.  I know I do.  I mean that literally.  There is a whole world under ours.  A world of angels and demons.  A world of good and evil.  One offering us that hand up, the other trying to pull us down.  The demons whisper in our ears.  Spark our imaginations.  Put sinful thoughts into our heads.  Suggest to us that others are to blame for our lives going to shit.  Always causing us to keep our eye off the ball.  Always pulling the rug out from under us whenever we take a step forward.  Keeping us focused on our losses and our pain.

It's up to us to fight them but there is only one way.  You gotta turn to God.  You have to accept his grace.  You have to ask for his help and you have to believe he will give it to you.  When you do, you will see your life start to turn around.  It's not a magic button.  It's not always a fast process but it is always a step forward.  

Being a wise man is all about living the good life.  It's all about avoiding these traps that our sins get us into and experiencing the joy that comes with knowing and loving God.  If we are able to help others along the way, that strengthens us even more and brings us to a higher level of living.  Those who believe this are much less likely to fall into despair.  


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