A Rental Nightmare Story

This morning, my thoughts turned to an event that happened a long time ago.  The ex and I rented an apartment on Grant St in Portland.  It was a really nice place, but the landlord decided he wanted to sell the building.  So we had to make the place presentable for whenever he wanted to show it.  

This got really annoying.  People coming in and out, looking through our home.  If we weren't there, a real estate agent could just come in and show the place.  

One time, my wife who was very pregnant and nearly ready to pop was sick and puking.  There was a scheduled showing that day, so I called the landlord and asked him to reschedule.  He refused, so I locked the deadbolt and nobody came in anyway.  

He simply had no respect for our privacy.  

Anyway, the baby was born and 4 days later we got a letter asking us to move out.  The letter said that he would give us $200 dollars on top of our security deposit back to help.  So I started looking for a new place.  When the first of the month came and his rent check wasn't there, my phone rang.  

"Hey, you didn't pay the rent."

No shit Sherlock.  I needed to put up another security deposit two weeks after having a new baby while my wife was out on maternity leave.  

Anyway, it didn't take us long to find a place, and thank God we didn't have to deal with that again.

Some people just care more about the money then they do about you.  


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