Passing on my faith to my children

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with my priest.  It was a good conversation for an hour.  It helped me to resolve a couple issues I was concerned about.  Mainly that I am on the right path with my daughter, helping her to receive her first communion.  Passing on my faith to her.  And secondly, that I'm not crazy. My ex-wife, aka the mother of my children is on a radically spiritual path.  It was the first time I actually sat down and talked to a priest in probably 25 years.  

Passing on my faith to my children

Passing on my faith to my children has become increasingly important for me.  It's what God wants me to do.  It is my responsibility as a parent.  The seed was planted a while ago.  It grew.  It became something I have to do.  So, I'm doing it.  I signed her up for the faith formation classes (what was called CCD back in my day) at my church.  I met with my priest to talk about it.  She seems to be enjoying it.  She is learning the prayers.  I'm proud of her.

Now I just have to get through to my other two daughters who are grown.  I did not raise them in the faith.  I should have.  I need to give them the tools to fight the evil one.  I have to teach them the way to Heaven.  I need to give them the start that I should have a long time ago.  I want them to experience the faith like I have.  It is so beautiful when you finally start to get it.  It's beautiful when you experience the peace and love of God.  It helps you to understand what life is all about.  

How the devil gets in

I am nearly finished with the book I have been reading.  Christ vs. Satan in Our Everyday Lives by Fr. Robert Spitzer.  This has really helped me to understand how things work in the spiritual world.  How the devil comes at us.  How his tactics cause us to trip and fall.  It has helped me to recognize how it all works in the physical and spiritual worlds.  And how important it is to pass on my faith to my kids.

I personally think that my ex-wife is possessed.  Here's why.  She rejected God.  She stopped going to church. She is on a radically different spiritual path.  One that has led to loss and despair.  She was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 a few years ago.  She stopped taking her medications.  Now she sits around watching astrology and tarot card readings on YouTube and spews hatred on Facebook towards me and my oldest daughter.  Four years later she still hasn't gotten her life together.  She hasn't found permanent stable housing.  I feel like she's projecting something onto the kids.  I don't want them to have to deal with it.

So basically, the mother of my children has opened the door to let the evil one in to her life and is trying to drag everybody down with her.  My faith has helped me to reject these kinds of spiritual attacks but in looking at some of the things that my daughters are going through, I don't think they have the tools.  So, it's my job as a dad to give them the weapons to fight it, and show them the way to heaven.

Shame on me

If there is anything in my life that I regret, it's that I didn't do this when they were small children.  I very much should have.  

Fortunately, it's not too late.  During a conversation with my priest, he reminded me of the parable of the workers in the field.  The owner went looking for workers and hired several and offered them a certain wage.  Then throughout the day, he hired more workers, who worked less and less time.  At the end of the day he gave them all the same wage. 

What this means is basically that it's not too late.  


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