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Pride and Love

I just have a simple point to make here. Proverbs 11:2 says... When pride comes, disgrace follows, but with humility comes wisdom. Pride is a sin.  Not the kind of pride where you're proud of a job well done or being proud of your child for bringing home a good report card or something like that, but the kind of pride which prevents you from loving someone or something based on superficial flaws and imperfections.   It is better to be humble, but why does this bring wisdom?  Because if you are humble, then you are free to love regardless.  That's what it means.  It means that you won't miss out on something good because of your arrogant pride.  You can do things without fear of what others think about you. You can love somebody without fear of what others think about them.  You can be happy for somebody else when something good happens to them.  You can live the good life in the light of God and man without regret. If you are humble, then those times when your pride would t

Are you buying a new computer? A former computer sales associate tell's all

Introduction Congratulations!  For whatever reason, you have decided to purchase a new Personal Computer (PC).  Either your old one died, or just isn't doing it for you anymore because it's slow and clunky.  Perhaps you're getting a laptop for your kid who is going off to college or you could be setting up a new office in your home.  You go to the computer store, Staples, or Best Buy, and see the latest models lined up on the tables and you have no idea what the difference is.  You look around and it is all so overwhelming.  Then a sales associate greets you with a big smile.  He introduces himself and asks what he can do for you?  You start talking about what you need.  The next thing you know, you just spent $600 or $700 more than the advertised price of the computer.  As a sales associate for Staples, I was trained to maximize sales.  That was always my number one goal when working with you.  When you come in to purchase a computer, it was my job to not only sell you the

My new solution to the gas prices

Everything is more expensive now.   The price of everything is going up really fast and we're all feeling the pain.  Gas is now over $5 dollars a gallon and because products that we need have to be transported, that gets passed on to everything else.  So, the price of everything is going up. Now what are we going to do about it?  That is the question.  Many of you will piss and moan about it on Facebook.  Many more of you will cry and suffer.  Even more will end up out on the street.   Others will change their habits to try to keep their heads above water.  I myself was fortunate enough to find a nice little 50 CC Scooter back in April, to ride around on.  It is a 2014 Genuine Buddy and it gets better than 100 miles per gallon, and it takes just over one gallon to fill it up and it runs great.   I started using it for all of the short trips I have to take.  If I have to go to the grocery store for a few things, I'll put on a backpack, fill that up with groceries and ride home. 

In one split second

Last year, May 23, 2021 to be exact, I fell off my bike and broke my wrist.   One minute, I was riding along having a grand old time, probably going a little fast for the terrain.  It was a beautiful spring day.  The weather was nice.  I had a Bluetooth speaker playing the new Foo Fighters album.  I was checking out the beautiful women who were walking around the Boulevard.  In a perfect space of serenity and happiness Then I was laying on the ground.  My wrist broken; knee skinned really bad; my electric bike on top of me.  I lay there hurting.  About two miles from my home.   How quickly it all changed.   One minute I was on top of the world.  The next I was laying on the ground in pain.  One minute I was doing great living my life.  I had a lot of forward moving momentum.  The next, everything would be put on hold.   I could no longer do my job.  My left hand had become completely useless.  I had to learn to do everything with one hand.  I was hurting.  I got tired a lot easier than

How I work through bouts of depression

I guess we're all going through some shit at the moment.   With the crazy world, everything that is going on like gas prices, inflation, the political divide in the USA.  Donald Trump and his hold on the Republican Party.  Our current president's incompetence at getting control of the country (no I'm not a Republican or a Democrat).  The price of everything is going up, my bills are higher.  There was an incident at my daughter's school that I had to deal with.  It was no big deal and everything is okay, but still.  Also, there is a lot of anxiety around recent current events such as mass shootings, the war in Ukraine among other things.  It's sad.  The world is run by idiots.  And idiots vote for idiots who tell them what they want to hear.  That's why idiots win. So it all started to get to me this week.  By Friday night, I found myself battling a bout of depression.  I get that way at times.  My problem is that I get overwhelmed, and when I feel that way the

Proverbs Chapter 11

11:1 Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, but an accurate weight is His delight. Be honest and fair in your business dealings.  You will gain a good reputation among men and favor with God. ---------------------------- 11:2 When pride comes, disgrace follows, but with humility comes wisdom. Pride is a sin that means love of self.  Humility is the opposite.  Love of others at your expense. ---------------------------- 11:3 The integrity of the upright guides them, but the perversity of the faithless destroys them. Integrity - high morals and honesty, keeps their slate clean.  The faithless, without morals will be destroyed by their own words and actions. ----------------------------- 11:4 Riches are worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness brings deliverance from death. You are taking nothing with you when it's time for you to go.  But being righteous has it's rewards. ----------------------------- 11:5 The righteousness of the blameless directs their path, b


I am a treasure hunger.  I hit yard sales and Goodwill all the time.  This past weekend I scored a lamp from a yard sale that had ended and stuff was left on the side of the road with a big "Free" sign on it.    It's nice and will fit very well on my desk.  It's time to replace the lamp that I have there now.  The old one is short and fat.  It works great but isn't tall enough to fit in the space.  The shade is too big and has to go over my monitor.  I have it propped up on a box, not ideal, but it works.   The new one is taller with a smaller shade; it will fit better in the space on my desk.   Simple enough, except for the fact that my desk is a mess and I will need to spend time cleaning that off first.  I am ashamed to post a picture of it.  So that's why I haven't just done it yet.  It's not that I'm being lazy.  It has been a busy weekend.  Monday (a holiday) was mom's birthday, I got her some new (to her) furniture for her deck.   I had