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The book I'm reading: Christ vs. Satan in our everyday lives by Fr. Robert Spitzer

I started reading a book called Christ Vs. Satan In Our Every Day Lives by Father Robert Spitzer.  It is a very deep and philosophical look at the cosmic battle between Good and Evil, through the major players ie, Jesus Christ and Satan. Chapter 1 goes into how the Holy Spirit works in our lives, bringing us peace in times of suffering and persecution and how suffering brings us closer to God, opening doors and opportunities, through revelation, through guidance of our conscience, etc.  It goes on to talk about Christian Mysticism as experienced by the Saints.   Ultimately, the holy spirit gives us strength to fight the battle so that we can be saved. Chapter 2 starts on how Jesus defeats Satan.  I have read up through the temptation in the desert, where Jesus first comes head-to-head with the devil, and which is covered through page 98.  So, I'm pretty much 1/4th of the way through the book, and I've been at it for a week.   The story in Matthew chapter 4 tells how Satan tr

Distractions Suck

I just watched an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix.  It was really intense.  A guy kidnaps a young intern who works for a Social Media company.  He wanted to talk to the founder of the company.  In order to make that happen he starts a major crisis.   It turns out that he was driving with his girlfriend a while back and got a notification on his cell phone.  He checked to see what it was, somebody liked a picture he shared, but because he was driving while distracted, he crashed right into a truck.  The other driver was drunk, so he got away with it, but his girlfriend was dead.   He wanted the founder of the company to know the story.  Know the monster he created.  Know how it cost him. In the real world, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tictok, Snapchat, etc. all of which offer their push notifications.  Humans have become accustomed to reacting to that ding.  They stop doing whatever it is and pull out their cell phones to see what it was.  Somebody likes your postIt seems li

The Best Part of American Politics

Do you know what I love most about politics?  It's always a shit show.   That shit show is blowing up quite nicely.  The Midterm Election is coming up so everything is blowing up nicely.  The political ads will be on the TV, radio and in your mail.  Your email will be slammed with politicians asking for money to run their campaigns.  The news media will be analyzing the polls and trying to predict who will win.  Nobody will know until the voters have their say on November 8th. The rhetoric has been heating up for a while.  It blew right up last week when the FBI raided Donald Trump's Mar-Largo home and the Democrats passed a spending bill that pumps billions into renewable energy and raises taxes on some Americans.  Of course, it started to heat up when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.  That pissed off the Feminist sector of the Democratic Party.  If it will have an effect on the current issues we face, that remains to be seen. The Republicans are pissed off.  Trump i